Upgrade your account from a trial and then sign-up for AWS

The first you thing you need to do, is upgrade your Proofpix account from a trial.

Then sign-up for and Amazon AWS account.

In order to use your own Amazon AWS S3 bucket, you need to create it and provide us with permission to add/edit and delete your media in it.

Creating your bucket in AWS

Once you create this bucket in your AWS account, you will be billed directly by Amazon on a monthly basis. In most cases, your first year (up to 5GBs) are free.

Once the bucket has been created successfully, you should NEVER add, edit or delete anything directly as this may break our operations and cause your Proofpix site to malfunction. You should always use the Proofpix admin to manage your media within it.

Click here to watch a set up video.

1. Click the S3 service form the AWS console home page

2. Click Create bucket button

3. Click Settings in the Proofpix admin

4. Copy the bucket name inside the Amazon AWS settings of the Proofpix admin

5. Paste the Bucket name

5B. Select the proper region as shown in the Proofpix admin

5C. Select the region as shown then click next

6. Skip everything on this screen then click next

7. Uncheck all of the checkboxes then click next

8. Click  the Create bucket button

9. Click the checkbox next to the new bucket, then click Permissions

10. Click Access Control List then click Add account

11. Copy our Canonical UserId in the Proofpix admin

12. Paste it in then check all the check boxes

13. Click the Bucket Policy button

14. Copy the Bucket policy button in the Proofpix admin

15. Paste the code into the large area then save

Once you have completed these steps, please test by uploading an image into a gallery and make sure it is visible after it has finished the "moving to cloud" stage.

If your test image appears blank, then you may need to perform the following additional steps in your AWS account:

Remove account level permission blocks

Uncheck all the checkboxes and save
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