If you want to use your own custom domain with your Proofpix site, you will need to point your domain name to us. As we use Google Cloud to provide hosting, you will also need to verify your domain ownership with Google and you will need to grant us permission to host your site. The steps for each are outlined below. If this makes you want to vomit, let us know and we can do it for you

Point your domain to us

Log-in to your domain's DNS provider. It is likely the same place you purchased your domain from.

Go the DNS management section. If you're not sure where that is, ask your provider.

Create a CNAME record for proofing.yourdomain.com or clientgalleries.yourdomain.com or anything you want and point it to c.storage.googleapis.com.

Inform us using the chat button below of your new domain name.

Verify your domain ownership with Google
If you already use Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools), you may skip this section.

Set up an account here.

Add a property (domain).

Enter in the root domain name - not www.yourdomain.com or proofing.yourdomain.com.

Click the Alternate methods tab. Then copy and paste the Google verification text record into your domain's DNS provider. If you're unsure how to do this please contact your provider. Once you've done that, click the red Verify button.

You should see the success message if you did it properly. Click Continue.

Click Search Console.

Grant us permission to host
Unfortunately Google has made this a tad complicated but we have outlined the steps for you in detail. Please follow the instructions to the letter or this will not work even though it looks like it should.

Click Manage property then Add or remove users.

Click Manage proprty owners.

Click Verification details.

Click the Add an owner button. Don't worry this does not give us control over your domain name.

Enter in the email we provided for you. If you're not usre what that us, use the chat bubble below.

You should see a success message appear at the top of your screen once we have permission.

You can now publish your site from the Proofpix admin and your Proofpix site should begin to operate under your custom domain.

IMPORTANT. If you have events currently available under your assigned Proofpix domain, please inform us so we can continue to run them there. If you no longer wish to run the events from the old Proofpix domain, you will need to do a Force full publish in the Site > Publish page in the Proofpix admin.
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