To give your clients the fastest possible experience, we create static web pages of your site instead of serving them from a database. This requires that you publish your site when you want your changes to go live. This has the added benefit of giving you an opportunity to review your changes before making them live. You can do this from the Site > Preview link.

If your site does not appear to have changed after the publish has been completed, it is likely that your browser is showing you an older version that it has stored in its cache. Clearing your browser's cache usually solves the problem. This site will tell you how to clear your cache.

Cache can be a tricky thing. Some routers or ISPs, and even our own host (Google), maintain their own short-lived caches. So even if you clear your cache, it can take 5-10 minutes for those other ones to be cleared.

Your clients typically never face this issue, because they are invited to view the event once it has been published and don't get "old" files stuck in their cache.


If you have cleared your cache and your site is still showing old content after 15 minutes, please verify that the site looks like you want it to while previewing it. If that is ok, then please make sure there are no errors reported in the publishing builds here, Site > Publish. If there are errors, please let us know.

If something is not showing properly click the Publish link in the appropriate event or a specific gallery menu (publishing a gallery is faster than a whole event). When offered, choose the last rebuild option. You can then monitor the publishing process from Site > Publish page, periodically refreshing the page to see the progress.
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