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Can I use both a CSV upload and do form registrations?

You may use both CSV imports and form registrations for the same event.

Here is what you can expect when both have the GalleryMagic feature turned on for the subject galleries.

If your CSV does not include the parent's email address, then the galleries that are created will not belong to a customer, which is not a problem.
These galleries will have names like, "Brandon Smith".

When a customer submits a form the galleries that are created will look like, "Brandon Smith (Liz Smith)", Liz Smith being the customer's name.

So in this case you may end up with two galleries that are meant for the same subject. When you see these two galleries in the SortMagic app, you should always select the one that includes the customer's name as this gallery is linked to the customer and quite possibly their order. You can simply ignore the other gallery or delete it if you want after you have uploaded all your images and they have been sorted properly into the other gallery.

If you are planning on using both forms and a CSV and you can upload your CSV before taking form submissions, then this is a better approach than uploading your CSV after taking form submissions. The reason for this is that we are able to pre-populate the collected CSV data in the forms when the user enters their email and it matches an email found in your CSV. Should the user wish to change the names of any of the subjects now showing in the form we will simply edit the name of the subject gallery that was previously generated in the CSV upload process rather than creating a new subject gallery with the new name, thus preventing two galleries meant for the same subject.

If possible, make sure that your Class/Team/Group galleries are spelled identically in your CSV and in your form to ensure that the system understands them as the same thing.

Updated on: 07/02/2021

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