Yes you can.
Here is what you can expect when using both a CSV import and using registration forms in the same event and both have the GalleryMagic turned on for the subject galleries.

If your CSV does not include the parent's email address, then the galleries that are created will not belong to a customer, which is not a problem.
These galleries will have names like, "Brandon Smith".

When a customer submits a form the galleries that are created will look like, "Brandon Smith (Liz Smith)", Liz Smith being the customer's name.

So in this case you may end up with two galleries that are meant for the same subject. When you see these two galleries in the SortMagic app, you should always select the one that includes the customer's name as this gallery is linked to the customer and quite possibly their order. You can simply ignore the other gallery or delete it if you want after you have uploaded all your images and they have been sorted properly into the other gallery.
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