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Finding your Square credentials

The following article describes how to set up your Square application and retrieve your API credentials.

The Square API credentials are required if you would like to use Square to process credit card transactions directly on your site and refund credit card payments directly from the Proofpix control panel.

Please perform the following:

Log-in to your Square account
Then navigate to
Click the + button to add a new application
Add a new application

Enter in Proofpix as your application name and then click Save
Name your application

Open the new application
Open the application

Click the Production button and then copy and paste your live credentials into the Proofpix control panel

Switch to Production and copy and paste credentials

Click the Locations link in the left side navigation and then copy and paste the Location ID into the Proofpix control panel

Copy and paste Location Id

Click the Webhooks > Subscriptions link in the left side navigation and then click the Add subscription button

Click Webhooks then Subscriptions then Add subscription

Enter Proofpix as the Webhook name. Then enter in the URL field. Then click Select All in the Events section and then click Save.

All your payment processing API data is transmitted securely of SSL and further encrypted inside of the Proofpix database.

Updated on: 22/03/2022

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