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How to set up your Twilio account for SMS text messaging

If you want to use text messaging as a way of communicating with your clients, you will need to perform the following steps:

Purchase the SMS text messaging add-on in your Proofpix account.

Create a Twilio account and configure it as follows. Twilio will bill you directly for your number and text usage.
Create a new project and call it Proofpix

Verify your email and mobile number

Make the indicated selections and press the blue Continue button

Make the indicated selections and press the next blue Continue button

From the Dashboard 's home screen, click the Upgrade button

Enter in your payment details and then press the red Upgrade Account button

Search for a phone number from your region and make sure to click the SMS checkbox

Select the number you like best as indicated

Click the blue button to confirm the purchase of your desired number

Configure the webhook URLs as indicated and click the blue Save button so we can forward messages to your personal mobile:

Copy the Account SID, Auth Token and your new mobile number into the Settings > Text messaging section in Proofpix

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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