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Finding your Stripe API credentials

The following article describes where to retrieve your Stripe API credentials.

The Stripe API credentials are required if you would like to use Stripe to process credit card transactions directly on your site and refund credit card payments directly from the Proofpix control panel.

Please perform the following:

Log-in to your Stripe account
Click on "developers" in the top right corner.
Make sure you are not viewing test data (also in the left nav panel)
Click on "API keys" in the left nav panel
Reveal the hidden secret API Key
Copy and paste both keys into your Proofpix account.

All your payment processing API data is transmitted securely of SSL and further encrypted inside of the Proofpix database.

For users of the Proofpix Version 2 (V2), you will also need to configure a webhook which allows Stripe to send us information about payments. This is essential so we can be updated if any payment fails. The steps are as follows:

Click "Webhooks" from the "developers" section in your Stripe account
Click, "Add endpoint"
Enter, as the Endpoint Url
Click "Listen to events on your account" (should already be selected)
Select the latest version offered from the "Version" menu
Click "Select events" and then select the following events to listen to:


Click the big "Add endpoint" button

Here is a video showing you the various steps.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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