Proofpix handles all the downloads for you. When customers download more than one file, we combine them in a single Zip file for downloading.

We offer two types of downloads:

Free downloads
If you would like your clients to download images for free while browsing, you may do so by using the Downloads slider within the Event Settings > Event Level Sharing section. Here you may choose the number of Free downloads/user and the resolution.

Free downloads

If you have watermarked your images, then the downloads here will be watermarked, unless you select the "Orig" size option which means we will deliver the uploaded original. If you are on our Unlimited plan or used the "Save space" option when uploading, the original file will not be available and a watermarked file will be provided in its place.

Paid downloads
Paid downloads are managed from the Downloads tab when creating or editing an pricelist. You can choose the download sizes (resolutions) and the price for each.

We have named the downloads in the pricelist based on their intended usage, much like a stock photo site may sell them, personal print usage, personal online usage, etc. You are welcome to change the names if this does not suit you.

You can also sell Complete Gallery downloads (all the images from a gallery no matter how many) for a single price. And you can also sell Complete Event downloads (all the images from with all the galleries) for a single price. You can also find those options in the Downloads tab when managing a pricelist.

After you receive your order, fulfilling paid downloads can happen two ways:

You can manually release downloads by pressing the yellow Release downloads button found within the order. This method works well if you would like to make retouches and re-upload a the file after the order is received. To set this make sure you choose the following option in the Event's settings > Workflow menu

Workflow - Hold for manual release

Downloads can be released automatically when an order is received. This works well if you uploaded your high-res retouched images for the event before the orders were placed. To set this make sure you choose the following option in the Event's settings > Workflow menu

Workflow - Release downloads automatically
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