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How do I set up consolidated lab shipping?

If you shoot high volume events, you may want all your orders for that event shipped back to your studio or to the school or league. To achieve this, please perform the following steps:

In Event settings > Pick-up and delivery > Orders workflow, uncheck the Immediately send lab products to lab for fulfillment button
If clients are picking up their order then configure whatever pick-up instructions you desire in the Order pick-up settings section
If you will be shipping the orders to each client after they have been shipped to you then set whatever shipping calculations you would like to charge the client in the Studio shipping section

The Pick-up and delivery > Lab shipping section only applies to orders that are drop-shipped to the client by the lab. It does not apply to order that are consolidated.

Once you are beyond the Event expiration date and all of your orders have come in:
Go to Orders > Manage all orders
Select the event from the event menu
Select the appropriate lab option from the Consolidated lab orders menu
Press the Search button
Select the orders from the list of eligible orders and then press, Send to lab button at the bottom of the page
Select the Ship to studio option or any other address you desire

How to consolidate lab orders video

Updated on: 28/10/2020

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