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Everything you need to know about packages

Packages allow you to combine multiple items for sale at a single price.

Single-pose (per-pose) packages
As the name suggests, a single-pose package is a package that can only be filled with one image.

Multi-pose packages
Alternatively, multi-pose packages allows the buyer to fill the package with different images.

Package rules
You may wish to designate that certain products within your package can only be filled with a team/class/group image. Alternatively, you may wish to restrict a certain type of product, such as a download, to images of the subject only. This is possible using package rules. When adding your products to your multi-pose package in the Selling > packages section, click the Rules button that appears when you open the product section to apply the rules.

Similarly, you can set up rules for sibling images. If a package has been purchased for a certain subject and the parent (buyer) has more than one child, when a sibling rule is applied to a product in the package, that product can only be filled with an image that comes from a sibling's gallery.

Package rules only apply to multi-pose package.

Please note, when you are selling multi-pose packages that have subject-specific or class/team/group rules applied to the products within it, these rules are enforced only when a subject is attached to the package.

A subject is attached to a multi-pose package under the following conditions:
When a package is pre-purchased in an event registration form and the form has a purchase-per-subject rule applied to it
When a package is added to the shopping cart from with a particular subject's gallery

When a multi-pose package is added from the event start page, instead of within a subject's gallery, the package is not connected to any subject and therefore a product with a fill with subject only rule applied can be filled by an image of ANY subject and a product with a class/team/group rule can be filled with ANY class/team/group image.

Do not enable Start page package selling if you are forcing package-purchasing as packages sold from the start page are not subject-specific and rules cannot be enforced.

If a package with sibling rules is for sale but the buyer only has one child, then the sibling rule is ignored and the product will accept an image of the subject. Any max poses rule will still apply, however.

Max poses
When setting up a multi-pose package, you can determine how many poses are allowed using the Max poses setting. For example, if your package contains 3 products but you set the Max poses setting to 2, the customer will only be able to fill the package with 2 different images.

Max poses does not apply to products with team/class/group or sibling rule. For example, your package may contain 5 products. One with a class/team/group rule, one with a sibling rule and a max pose setting of 2. The 3 products meant for the subject, will be filled with two poses of the subject, one product will be filled with the class/team/group image and one with a sibling image (if possible).

PriceMagic Caveat! If you are selling a package which includes a product that is intended for images tagged with a PriceMagic pricelist, setting a Max Pose rule in your package may result in the PriceMagic image being applied to the wrong product in your package. We recommend not using Max Poses in your package, if this is the case.

Click here to see a video about package rules.

Packages and multiple pricelists
In addition to setting a pricelist for your event, Proofpix allows you to attach pricelists to your galleries or images. This is handy if you want to limit the products offered for certain galleries or certain images. For example, if you attach a pricelist that does not contain any downloads to your class or team galleries, then a customer cannot purchase any class or team image as a download.

If an image has a special pricelist attached to itself or comes from a gallery that has a special pricelist attached to it, it is not eligible to be added to a package unless:

The pricelist that is attached to the image or gallery includes the same products in the package
The image comes from a team gallery and the product in the package has a team rule
The image comes from a sibling's gallery and the product in the package has a sibling rule

Multi-pose packages should not be added to your gallery or media pricelists. They should only be added to your event pricelist. The way you control what items can or cannot be multi-pose products in a package is to use the Rules button on the product when building/editing your package.

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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