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Everything you need to know about shipping

Proofpix always assumes that orders will be shipped to your client, whether by you or the lab.

When you do the shipping, you set the shipping fees in the Event settings > Shipping section.

You can also set specific shipping fees for your custom products. These fees will be calculated first and are excluded from the event shipping calculation so as to avoid double shipping charges.

When an order contains lab products, the default setting is to have the lab drop-ship those items to your client. When the lab drop-ships to your customer the fee is calculated as a percentage of what the lab will charge you. You set this percentage in the Settings > labs > shipping settings section. This setting applies to all events, so please keep that in mind when changing this value.

If you would like to quality control the work performed by a lab, then you should select the Any products created by a lab should ship to me option in the Event settings > Shipping section. When this option is selected, the lab will send the items to your studio address instead of drop-shipping to your client.

If you do not want to charge your client shipping fees, you can do one of the following:

Set the shipping to 0.

You can click the "Allow order pick-up" option in the Event settings > Shipping section. When a client chooses this option during checkout, they won't be charged a shipping fee as the system assumes that they will come to your studio to pick it up.

If the lab is set to drop-ship to your client and the client chooses the Allow pick-up option, we will instruct the lab to ship to your studio instead of the client. The client will not be charged shipping in this case.

You can also consolidate lab orders into one large lab shipment, here's how.

Updated on: 19/02/2020

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