If you are planning on doing retouching after you receive an order, then you should select the, Hold order for review before sending to lab. option in the Orders workflow setting in your Event settings. This ensures that the lab products in your order are not sent to the lab for fullfilment and it will also prevent downloads from being sent to your customers.

To replace the orders with your retouched versions you have the following options:

You can upload your retouched version into any gallery and then use the Swtich image button in the order to change the appropriate image.

You can find the image in the Manage media page of the gallery it belongs to and then use the Replace image option found in the menu after right-mouse-clicking the thumbnail. This will overwrite the existing image with whatever image you uploaded and update any order that includes this image.

If your retouched version has the same name as the original, you can simply upload the re-touched version into the same gallery (or do a SortMagic upload) and the new image will overwrite the old one and update any order that includes this image. The last option is best if you want to upload multiple, re-touched versions at the same time.

Once the retouched versions have been uploaded and finished their processing, you will need to go into each order and release it manually. Alternatively, you can consolidate the lab orders for lab fulfullment and/or release all downloads on the Manage orders page found in the Orders menu.
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