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Everything you need to know about order statuses

Progress status

Order can have one of the following progress statuses:

An unfinished order begins one of the following ways:
When an item is purchased through a form and the event is a proofing type
When you pre-populate a Known customer's shopping cart from the event's Manage known customers section
When you convert a contract into an event that includes items or services for sale
When a customer adds something to their cart while proofing an event

An order is considered finished when the final checkout is completed by the customer however you can mark an order as finished yourself from the customer's order from the Mange orders page in the admin.

If you are marking an order as finished on behalf of your client, then make sure you enter in their address and shipping address (if applicable) first so the system can calculate the appropriate taxes and shipping rates.

Typically you will close an order once it has been delivered to your client and you no longer have any need to work with. Closed orders will not appear in regular order searches and enable you to focus on what is important.

Paid status

Orders can have one of the following paid statuses:

Orders can have multiple payments applied to them.

An unpaid order has yet to receive a single payment against it
A partially paid order has received at least one payment but there is still an positive order balance
A paid order has a zero order balance and has received at least one payment

Orders can be finished but still require payment. This typically happens if a buyer chooses a Cash/check or credit card by phone option during their checkout. These payment methods are optional. In this state, it is up to you to collect the payment and then to mark the payment as received. You can do this from the Manage orders page.

Order can be unfinished yet fully paid. This typically happens if a customer pre-orders their items in a pre-registration form but has not yet chosen their images and completed the checkout. In this scenario, taxes and shipping may be additional and will be applied during the checkout.

A partially-paid order typically happens if you are collecting deposit payments in a pre-registration form for a proofing type event. Customers will return to chose their images and perform their final checkout once they have been invited to do so.

Customers who purchase their items in a form for a non-proofing event will perform a complete checkout where applicable taxes and shipping will be collected along with their full payment. These are orders will be considered, finished and paid.

If customer chooses PayPal during their checkout but fails to complete the transaction on PayPal's site, the order will be considered finished and unpaid. You may wish to send out a invoice from within the customer's order so they are reminded to pay.

Updated on: 14/09/2020

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