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How and when are tax calculations made?

Taxes are calculated when an order is being finalized (during checkout).

The tax rate used depends on the option you selected in the Event settings > tax section. Our recommended setting is to use our free built-in tax calculation service, because tax calculations can be complex and vary from state to state, county to county and change depending on what it being sold.

Should our tax calculation service not be reachable (because shit happens), then we do provide you with a way to specify some fallback tax rates to use.

In the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, taxes are calculated on the order subtotal. UK and EU taxes are calculated on the line items within the order. We will be moving all countries to line item calculations hopefully soon as this gives us greater flexibility to tax items based on their categories, for example, downloads in California should not be taxed but currently are.

Taxes in Event forms
When you take payments in forms, taxes will only be charged if the event is set to be a Non proofing event because these orders are considered to be finalized. The user will complete the form and then the full checkout and input their shipping address, any coupons and pay. The system assumes you will choose and fulfill the customer orders for them.

Payments in forms used with regular, proofing type events will not charge tax because the system assumes that the customer will return after the event has been published to choose their images and perhaps add some additional items and then complete the checkout, at which time, taxes and shipping will be calculated. This type of payment works like a deposit.

Updated on: 15/10/2019

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