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How do I create or modify orders for my clients?

Sometimes it is necessary to create an order for a client. There are two ways this can be achieved:

Impersonate them
If you have their email or Known customer password, then you can simply log-in as your customer and create an order just as they would in a proofing event. Likewise, if you are taking pre-orders, you can submit the form just as they would, using their data.

Pre-populate their order
You can pre-populate a client's order in the Known customers section when managing your event. This method was designed to place pre-ordered items in a user's cart. These items cannot be removed by the customer.

Using the pre-populate method mid-order can cause undesired results for the client as it removes items that they may have placed in their own order.

There are two ways to modify a client's order:

Impersonate them
If a client has not yet checked-out, this is often the simplest way to add, change or remove something from a client's order.

Manage the order from the admin
You can add items to an order using the Add products/services button when managing their order.

This method uses the same pricelist you set on the event. If you do not see any items, then you have not set a pricelist on the event. To set a pricelist for non-proofing events, got to your event settings, temporarily make the event a proofing event then select a pricelist, then set the event back to non-proofing and save the event.

When adding or removing anything from an order in the admin, the system will automatically recalculate the balance, taxes and shipping charges. If this results in a balance owing, the system will automatically send a client an invoice for the difference. If this results credit, the system will ask you how you want to manage it; You can refund it or issue a coupon.

Updated on: 04/06/2021

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