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How do I sort composited or edited files?

We sort your images by comparing logs you collected while using the SortMagic mobile app at your shoot to the Creation Date/Time metadata each file contains.

When images are edited in Photoshop or Pixnub, it is quite likely that the metadata will be changed, making it impossible for us to sort these edited versions.

In order to sort your composited or edited files, please follow these steps:

Directly after your shoot, run your files through the SortMagic Desktop software with the,
Are you making composites from these files option turned on.

Follow all the steps in the SortMagic Desktop software, making any sorting corrections as needed.

When the process completes, we will place your files in a sub-folder within your working folder called, For composites.
We will also create a Pixnub-friendly CSV data file and place it in there as well.

You will notice that the file names have a code embedded in them.

You will then use these coded files to make your composites in Photoshop or Pixnub.

If you are renaming your edited files, you need to make sure that your new file name maintains the code we added.

When you are ready to upload your edited files. you will run them through the SortMagic Desktop software again but this time you will not select the, Are you making composites from these files option. We will use the code embedded in each file name to do the sorting instead of using the file's metadata and your composited files will be uploaded into the proper galleries.

Updated on: 09/11/2022

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