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I won't have names for an event, how do I use SortMagic?

If you do not who you will be photographing before an event you can use our Anonymous galleries workflow.

The steps are as follows:
Go into Manage event > Event data > SortMagic QR codes page and generate as many anonymous galleries as you think you will need.
Print out the QR codes (including the URL and password) and take them to the shoot.
At the shoot you will scan the QR with the app which selects the right gallery in the app.
Then you will take a photo with your regular camera of the subject holding their QR code sheet (gives you face to gallery backup).
Then you will let the subject take the QR code sheet home with them as it gives them the login info they need,
(Better yet, if you can get them to take a photo of it with their own mobile, then they are less likely to lose it.)

Since clients will have access to their galleries before you have uploaded their images, you should uncheck the "Event is ready" checkbox in your Event settings. Once you have completed your upload, make sure to turn it on.

Updated on: 08/09/2023

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