If you see empty galleries after a SortMagic upload completed, then it is possible that the missing images were sorted into another subject's gallery. This can happen if you forgot to press the big blue Start shoot button in the app or if some of the logs were not automatically synced to our server.

The latter can be avoided if you click the cog icon in the app and then click the Force Sync button. If the app tells you that there were logs added that were not previously synced, then it would be a good idea to delete the images you uploaded but NOT THE GALLERIES and then repeat your SortMagic upload again. There is a Delete all event images link in the event's menu which will make that easy.

it is recommended that you always perform a Force sync after your shoot and before uploading.

Images that were sorted improperly because of the Start shoot issue, will have to manually be moved into their galleries. You can do that here:
Events > [Event name] > Manage event galleries > Quick view button.

This will allow you to look into each gallery, select the improperly sorted images and then move them to their proper galleries.
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