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How do I use the SortMagic App?

The Proofpix SortMagic app allows you to automate the tedious process of culling images into their proper galleries.

The app works in conjunction with your Proofpix events so you need to have them created in advance.

Prior to the event...

1. Set your time zone

Make sure your proper time zone is set in the Proofpix admin in Settings > General > Your time zone

2. Install the app

The first thing you need to do is install the app on your Apple iOS or Android mobile device. This is a Progressive Web App (PWA) so there is no need to download anything from an app store. Simply navigate to from your phone's web browser (Safari on Apple iOS, Chrome on Android).

Make sure you use HTTPS:// not HTTP://
Make sure you use sortmagic.proofpix.COM not sortmagic.proofpix.NET

If you're on Android, the browser should offer you an option to Add SortMagic to Home screen, click it. If you're on Apple iOS, then click the Share button and then click the Add to Home Screen button.

3. Log-in

Once you enter the app, you will be prompted to login. Please enter the same credentials you use to sign-in to Proofpix.

4. Add camera(s)

Next you need to add the camera(s) you will be using. You may give them any name you like, however it is good to be specific, i.e. Brian's Nikon.

Add camera button

If you use more than one camera, work with multiple shooters or are generally not inclined to remember which images were shot with which camera, then you need to name the camera using the Creator and the Model EXIF meta-data from your camera, like so:

Name camera from camera's EXIF data

If you have not set the Creator EXIF data in your camera, you really should to avoid camera confusion in our system. If you use two cameras that have the exact same EXIF data, then you will need to change the Creator slightly so it is unique.

4B. Set the date and time on your camera to match the app

The app uses your phone's local date and time.

You should always confirm that your camera's date and time is synced with the app prior to the shoot in case the time has changed because of dead batteries, day-light savings time or time-zone shifts have occurred.

At the event...

Just prior to the event, you should always load the event in the app while you have a internet connection. If you don't have a connection at the event, that is ok so long as the data was previously loaded.

1. Choose the event from the list

Choose event

Important! If you do not see the event, it is likely that the event start date is older than one month. The app will only show recent events that begin within the last month. Simply change the event start date to be within one month and the event will show up in the app.

2. Choose the camera you're currently using

Choose camera

Select a gallery from the list or create one on-the-fly if an unexpected client arrives.

Choose or add gallery

4. Press the Start shoot button

Start Shoot

After the event...

Whatever editing process you use, make sure it does not overwrite the EXIF CreatedDate metadata or the sorting will fail. In Lightroom, make sure you choose the following setting when exporting or saving to maintain the EXIF data.

Save metadata when exporting or saving from Lightroom

Force sync

Make sure you have an internet connection on the device that runs that app
Click the Cog icon in the app
Click the Force sync button to ensure all the logs in the app

Upload your images

Select the SortMagic option.
Choose the appropriate camera option. If you did not set up the camera names from the EXIF data, then you can only upload the images from the camera you select.
Upload your images and they will be magically sorted into their proper galleries.

Upload images

Click here to check out our article on how to handle images that were not sorted or sorted incorrectly.


Where repeat sessions of the same person occur, just re-select the same gallery (event though it will show as completed) and proceed normally. If you need to choose a different camera, that's no problem either.

If you have a lot of galleries, you may consider printing QR codes prior to the event and disseminating them to your clients ahead of their shoots. At the shoot, you can simply scan their QR code to find the proper gallery. Scanning in the App is available on Android based devices only.

If you need to iOS support for scanning, then you can simply run the website in Safari instead of running the app. Please keep in mind that you will need internet access if you are running the website.

Using QR codes to select galleries

Consider shooting a photo with your normal camera of the subject holding their QR code sheet gives you a face-to-name backup in case something goes wrong and you have to manually upload into their gallery.

Sharing a gallery with a client is super easy as well. Simply click the share button on your phone and share the client's gallery URL and password automatically in any of the available methods (Email, SMS, Text, Social networks).

Share a gallery

We do our best to approximate time per shoot but it should be used as guide only as it will not be perfectly accurate.

Photographer stats

In the case that you are not seeing the notification to add the app to the home screen on Android, please follow these steps.

1.On your Android device, open Chrome Chrome.

2.Go to

3.Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap Add to homescreen.

4.You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.

Updated on: 04/11/2022

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