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Understanding the Destination Folder in the SortMagic Desktop Software

When using Proofpix's SortMagic Desktop software you'll encounter a crucial element called the "Destination folder." This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what the destination folder is and how it functions within our software.

What is the Destination Folder?

The destination folder serves two purposes:

As a working directory
As a storage directoy

Working directory

When we sort your images, we make copies of the originals and place them into this directory. We then perform operations on these files, such as re-sizing and watermarking. This ensures that your originals are safe, and you can work with your originals without causing, this file is in use by another application, error.

Once our process completes, we remove any unnecessary files, provided no errors are encountered.

Storage directory

We will store files in this directory if certain options are selected in the app:

If you enable the Sort locally option on the last step of the process, we will organize your images for you. Within the destination folder, we will create a folder named after your event. We will then create subfolders, named after each subject, and then sort the appropriate images into each subfolder.

If you are doing background removal, we will create a folder called, Extractions, and store your extracted PNGs in there. We do not delete these as you may need them at a later date and paid for the extractions.

If you selected the, Are you making composites from these files, we place your renamed files in a subfolder called For composites. More information on this feature can be found here.

For simplicity, we recommend that you create a folder called Proofpix on a hard drive that has ample space and always select it for all your jobs.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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