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Why were my images not sorted and are still in the Sort_Magic_XXXX temporary gallery?

If your images remain in the temporary Sort_Magic_Gallery_XXXX gallery and you do not see any progress, then one of the following problems likely occurred:

1. You did not select the appropriate camera choice before uploading

SortMagic camera menu

You can determine what camera was used in the shoot by retrieving the logs from the app. To retrieve the SortMagic logs, click the Cog icon in the app to launch the Utilities screen. On the following screen, choose the appropriate event from the menu and click the Get logs button.

Once you know what camera to choose and upload for, you can simply repeat the upload.

2. You selected the first camera option but did not name your camera properly
Click here to determine how to name your cameras properly

Once you have renamed your cameras in the app, you can simply repeat the upload.

3. Your camera is way out of sync from the app
Your camera is supposed to be match the time shown in the device the app was running on. You can click on the camera button in the app and then click Edit cameras to see the time your camera should be set to.

Please note that the app will show you 12 hour time (AM, PM), where you camera may operate in 24 hour military time.

Make sure your proper time zone is set in the Proofpix admin in Settings > General > Your time zone. If this appears to be the problem, make the change, do a Force Sync from the Utilities (cog) screen in the app, and then notify us so we may adjust the times for you in our database.

It is possible to batch modify the creation date and time of your images in Adobe Lightroom. Here's how:

4. The app may not have been able to send any logs to us.
You can push the SortMagic logs to our server once your device has an internet connection. Click the Cog icon in the app to launch the Utilities screen. Click the Force sync button.
Once the logs have been synced, you may simply repeat the upload.

5. You exported your files from Lightroom without copying the metadata settings.
When exporting from JPGs from Lightroom, you need to make sure that you copy the metadata in the Lightroom export settings.

it is recommended that you always perform a Force sync after your shoot and before uploading.

Updated on: 09/06/2021

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