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Working with team or class pricelists

When working with team or class images, sometimes you may want to sell these items at a different price than you do for your individual prints. For example, you may wish to sell an 8 x 10 class or team photo for less than you do for an individual 8 x 10. You may also want to exclude certain items from sale for your team or class images, such as downloads.

You can achieve this by creating a separate pricelist for your team/class images and then apply that to your team/class galleries (video below).

To clarify:
The most basic setup is to create a single pricelist and apply it to your event. With this set up, all the images in all the galleries (team and individual) will get the products and packages you add to this event pricelist.

Now, if you want to sell team-specific items or the same items at different prices or if you want to exclude certain products for team images, such as downloads, then you will create a team-specific pricelist and apply it to your team galleries. When a customer clicks on a team image (an image that you place in a team gallery), then only the products you add to the team pricelist will be displayed.

Basically, the team pricelist overrides the event pricelist.

Multi-pose packages should not be added to your team pricelist. They should only be added to your event pricelist. The way you control what items can or cannot be team products in a package is to use the Rules button on the product when building/editing your package.

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Updated on: 19/08/2021

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