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Connecting Known customers to galleries

Galleries can be given up to two different passwords. Anyone who possesses the gallery password can use it to access the gallery. If the gallery password matches a Known customer's password, then the Known customer is considered to be connected to or have "ownership" of the gallery. A Known customer may own unlimited galleries but a gallery can only have two owners (usually two parents).

When a gallery is password protected with a Known customer's password and the Show page link in navigation setting is unchecked, only the connected Known customers will see the gallery after they log-in.

If you would like to give a Known Customer access to a gallery, navigate to the Known customers > Manage known customers section when managing your event and click the small Galleries button in the appropriate Known customer box. In the following modal window that appears, you will see the current galleries that belong to this Known customer. You can use the drop-down menu to find and connect more galleries.

If you do not see a specific gallery in the menu, then it is already connected to two different customers (or perhaps this one). If you need to disconnect a gallery from a Known customer, then you can do that in the same place. Alternatively, you can go into that gallery's Settings > Access and passwords section and clear out the password that matches the Known customer you no longer wish to be connected.

Known customers can automatically be connected to galleries when the galleries are created. This can happen when using the GalleryMagic feature in your Event forms or when you use the Import client/gallery CSV setting in the event menu. A Known customer will also be connected to a gallery automatically when you create a gallery on-the-fly in the SortMagic app and you include an email address at the same time.

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Updated on: 04/09/2020

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