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How to choose your event or gallery cover images?

The Event image is a large image that is displayed in the header of your Event start page.

The Event image will also be shown on the home page of your Proofpix site and in the outbound event email invitations that are sent to your clients when the event is ready.

The system will automatically assign the event image when the first image is uploaded.

Alternatively, you can upload a specific event image by mousing-over the event image that is shown in the Manage event side bar.

Upload event image

Each gallery page also gets a cover image displayed in its header.

Either the Event image or Gallery image can be manually set by going to the Manage media page of any gallery in your event and then right-mouse-clicking on the image you like. Simply choose the Event image or Gallery image in the menu that appears.

Please click here to see a video.

Tip: Any 5-Star rated image exported from Lightroom will automatically become the Gallery image. Since we also use the Gallery image as the default yearbook selection for school events (in case the user does not choose one), this is a great way for you to choose yearbook images before uploading. Obviously, this means we are expected one 5-star image to be uploaded per gallery. If you happen to upload more than one, then the last uploaded one will become the Gallery image. Please make sure you have the Save Metadata To File option enabled in Lightroom's preferences.

The placement of cover images in the header container is "center center" by default. We scale (not stretch) the image so that all 4 sides of the header container are touched by the image. This sometimes results in unpleasant crops so it is good to select images that have a lot of negative space around the subject(s).

We will be implementing some focal points on this at some time in the future so images center better in the available space.

Updated on: 21/09/2021

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