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How do I send an event email invitation?

You can use our built-in event email invitation system to invite your customers to view and purchase their images online. This system will automatically send a personalized email to each customer and track the number of opens, click-throughs, bounces, and unsubscribes.

You can create the invitation from the Event menu > [Event name] > Event email > New invitation link.
You can review sent or scheduled emails from the Event menu > [Event name] > Event email > Manage emails link.

Known customers
If your event uses Known customers then you will see a list of recipients in the Known customer recipients section when building your invitation. Each of these recipients will be emailed a link to the event's Start page and their own individual password (you can see each Known customer password in the Known customers section in your Event settings). If we have the customer's name, we will address the email with it. If we do not, no greeting will be shown. If you do not want an email to be sent to one or more of these Known customers, then you must remove them from the Known customer recipients list before sending.

Additonal recipients
Other recipients may be added in the box below the Known customer recipients section. These recipients will receive the generic event password in their invitation. If you see addresses in this field but did not add them yourself, then it is possible that they added themselves. This is possible if your they visited the event whilst the Event is ready checkbox was not checked. When that happens, your clients are prompted to leave their email so that they can be notified when then the event is ready.

Event message and image
All recipients receive the same message which you can tailor when building your email. A link to the event Start page is automatically included in every email and the appropriate password is also included automatically, so there is no need for you to add these. All emails include the same Event image which you can learn about here, How to choose your event or gallery cover images?.

When using Known customers we are often asked, "Do clients receive a link to their own gallery?" The answer is, no. All clients are emailed a link to the event Start page because a Known customer may own more than one gallery. Once a Known customer enters their password, we do filter all other customer galleries out if you made the appropriate GalleyMagic selections when setting up your forms or importing your CSV files. Similarly, we are asked if each recipient will receive a picture of their own child or subject. The answer is, no as well for the same reasoning.

You can click the Preview button to see what the email will look like. Please note, that the preview will use the generic event password which may not be what everyone gets. The preview will show Dear John Doe. If we have the customer's name we will address the email with it. If we do not, no greeting will be shown.

Sending and scheduling
Emails can be sent immediately by clicking the Send now button. Please make sure that all your event pages have been published and tested before doing so. You can check the status of the publish from the Site > publish page. It is a good idea to copy one of your Known customer passwords and impersonate them to make sure that you have set the event up to your liking. You can add yourself as a Known customer and give yourself ownership of any gallery to test, if you prefer.

You can schedule an email for future delivery, if you do so, the event must be fully published. Do not assume that it will be published by a certain time as times may vary or things can go wrong.

If you want an email to go out as soon as possible but the event is not published or is in the middle of a publish, you can schedule the email to be sent after this event's next publish.

If adding galleries and customers in the SortMagic app, it will send a link and password immediately to the client so you should uncheck the Event is ready checkbox in your event Settings prior to the shoot so your clients do not have access an empty event.

Once emails are sent, you will receive a copy. It will include the generic event password and may not be what everyone gets so please do not assume your experience will be the same as your Known customers. They may see galleries and you do not.

Updated on: 15/10/2019

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