Proofpix can dynamically pull images from class or team galleries into each subject's gallery when viewing the live client-facing site (you will not see this in the admin).

School type events work with classes and Sport type events work with teams.

When importing your CSV data, it must include the class or team each subject belongs to in a separate column.

If you are using Event forms instead, then you must use the class/team drop down menus in the form builder and pre-populate it with the proper names.

You must select the option to create class/team galleries and then select the option to show the class/team pictures in each subject's gallery. The class/team galleries will be hidden if this option is selected. This can also be done after the fact in the Gallery settings page, but we still must have the class/team galleries and the data that indicates which class/team the subject belongs to.

The class/team each subject belongs to can be verified by clicking the Gallery tags link on the Manage event galleries page in the event menu.

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