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Everything you need to know about Green screen

Proofpix can create real-time composites using your own backgrounds and green screen (chroma key) JPG or extracted PNG images allowing your customers to choose their favorite combination of subject and background while shopping.

Once orders are placed, you are welcome to create the final, print-ready composites and re-upload them for fulfillment or you can have Proofpix do that for you.

If we are doing the final compositing for you, you will need to make sure that your green screen set up is very consistent and ensure that the chroma color is cropped directly to the edges of your images.

Adding your backgrounds

The process is as follows for lab or self-fulfilled products that were already added into the system by Proofpix:
Navigate to your pricelist and locate the print or download product that you would like to add backgrounds to
Open the product section and then click the Add custom option button in the bottom right corner

Click Add custom option

Click the Green screen background checkbox in the modal window that appears
Name and price your backgrounds as desired
Click the Advanced button next to each option and then upload your high-res, print ready background

Upload custom background options

Click Save when you're done your uploads
Repeat the process for your next product or use the clone feature to copy your options to other products. Be sure to watch the vide about this, link below.

Your options will automatically be available in your other pricelists. Simply enable/disable the backgrounds you want to offer in your other pricelists.

If you are creating your own custom, self-fulfilled products then you will add your green screen background options when adding or editing the product.

Uploading your images

Prior to upload, you must indicate to the system that you are uploading green screen JPGs or transparent PNGs in the upload window
If uploading green screen JPGs you must also indicate the position in the image where the system can sample the chroma key value from or you must enter in a specific chroma key

Indicate green screen and chroma key color prior to upload
If your job consists of both green screen and regular images then you will either have to use two different galleries or upload into the same gallery two different times, once for the green screen and once for not. This will ensure the system knows which images to attempt a real-time extraction on while your client browses.

Client side

Clients will be offered your selection of backgrounds in the left-side product selector when viewing their images. They simply have to click on a background to preview the final result.

Background preview in client's browser

Handling orders

Navigate to the Manage orders page and perform a search for your orders
Orders that contains background selections will be marked with a red Needs approval flag
Select one or more orders using the checkbox on the right side of the orders
Click the Approve composites button that appears in the bottom nav bar

Select order that need approval

On the following screen, select a thumbnail on the left-hand side to see the composite the system has generated on the right-hand side
If you are unsatisfied with the result, you can click the Adjust button to make new chroma key and feathering selections or you can click the Upload button to use your own final composite
If you are satisfied with the result, click the Approve button and choose whether to approve the current composite or approve multiple to run as a batch from the left-hand side
Click Approve selected and the system will begin creating the composite(s) and update the order(s) automatically at which time you will receive an email indicating that the process has completed and is ready for fulfillment

Approve or upload composites

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Updated on: 13/10/2020

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