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Everything you need to now about GalleryMagic

GalleryMagic is how we turn data into galleries automatically, saving you countless hours of data entry. We get this data several ways:

When you import a CSV file of a school or sports team roster
When an event form is submitted by a customer
When a gallery is added via our SortMagic app

For most high-volume events, there is typically a customer (parent) and their subjects (children). When importing a CSV file or creating an event registration form, you are presented with several options:
You can create galleries for each subject (student/athlete) where each gallery is named after the subject
Or you can create a single gallery for the customer where the gallery is named after the customer

If your CSV data contains the parent's email address in each row, GalleryMagic will create the customer and create any galleries for as many children that are linked to that parent. The gallery names will have the following format, subject first name subject last name ( parent's first name parent's last name). Galleries that are linked to the same customer are considered siblings.

If the CSV data does not contain the parent's email, then the gallery name will only be the subject's first and last name. We do not have this issue with forms, since the customer is giving you their information. Moreover, there is no way to link sibling galleries without knowing who the customer (parent) is.

A CSV import can support creating two customers (think both parents) and connect each to as many galleries as they have children. Forms on the other hand, can only create one customer but still allow the parent to add as many children as they have.

There are other GalleryMagic options as well:
You can opt for the system to password-protect the galleries and hide them from other customers. This is usually the desired feature, as it ensures the highest level of privacy for your customers.
You can have the system generate group/class/team galleries if the data includes them. This is advantageous as it connects the subjects to their group or groups.
Since we know what group or groups a subject belongs to, there is another option that asks if you want to hide the group galleries and pull the appropriate group images into the subject's galleries automatically. This is usually desirable as the customer has fewer galleries to enter when making their purchases.

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Updated on: 24/11/2020

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