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Importing your customer data from a CSV file

Proofpix allows you to import your customers in bulk from a CSV file. You can do this in two places:
Settings > customers (this will import customers to be used at a later time)
Mange event > event data > import csv (this will create customers and link them to the event as Known customers)

This latter option is especially useful when given a list of students and their parent info for a school event as it allows you to import the customers while creating the galleries for the students using the GalleryMagic feature.

Importing your customers from a CSV file is easy but we need to know a few details about your CSV file to make the import successful.

Does your file have a header row?

Some CSV files include the Column titles, such as Name, Email, Address, etc and some do not.
Simply select the option that applies.

CSV file with column titles

CSV file without column titles

Are the values in your CSV file wrapped in quotation marks?

Some CSV files wrap all the values in quotation marks, others wrap only values that include a space between words and others do not at all (like the image above). If either of the two following examples look like your data, then you would select "Yes".

CSV file with quoted values

CSV file that wraps only values with a space in quotes

If you intend to use the GalleryMagic feature and a customer has more than one child, then the data will need to be included as in the following example:

Example of a customer with 4 children

In cases where you want to populate an event with GalleryMagic from school data, then the least amount of data we require is a student ID per student (essentially a list of Ids, one per line). We will create galleries that are named with the student's ID. During checkout, the parent/guardian will register and we will collect their data at that time. We cannot reliably work with the just the student's name in case multiple students share the same name. It would be advisable to get the student ID and name.

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Updated on: 02/10/2022

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