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How do I edit my files and still keep the ability for SortMagic to sort my files?

SortMagic uses the metadata in your images to sort them properly after a shoot.

Sometimes you may want to edit your images before uploading. If you are editing in Lightroom, then when you export your jpeg images for upload, you must click the Copy metadata checkbox in the export dialog window. The exported jpeg images will have the same metadata as the originals.

If you are editing your images elsewhere or perhaps having the backgrounds removed from an external service, there is a good chance that the files will lose their metadata in the process.
If the metadata is lost, then we cannot sort the edited files into their galleries.

So to remedy this you can do the following:

1a. Get all the files out of each camera that was used at the event

2. Before any editing is done, you can download our SortMagic desktop uploader (if you have not done so already) from the Proofpix admin site

3a. In the desktop uploader, select your Event
3b. Select a working directory, usually this is a folder that you create called "Proofpix" or "My Jobs" - just make sure it is not the same folder where your source jpegs live
3c. Select the appropriate camera setting
3d. Select all the images
3e. Review the sorting and make any necessary corrections
3f. Select the Are you making composites from these files? option
3g. Skip the remaining steps when prompted
3h. Click the Sort button on the final step

This will place all your files in a sub-folder called, For composites in the working folder that you chose in step 3b. Nothing is uploaded at this time.

You will notice that the file names are slightly different. We have appended the GalleryId into each file name. So now each file keeps track of which gallery it belongs to in its file name.

These are the files that you should be working with and editing since the metadata can be lost in the process because we do not require it any more.
You can rename the files as long as you do not remove the GalleryId code from the file name. Where the GalleryId code is placed in the file name is not important as long as it remains intact.

When all your images have been edited and ready for upload, you will use the SortMagic desktop uploader once again, but this time, you will not select the Are you making composites from these files? option. You will proceed through the steps again, selecting what options best fit and then click the Upload option in the final step.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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