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How do I handle divorced parents?

CSV uploads

It's not a problem handling two parents when importing a CSV. In fact the process is the same whether the parents are divorced or not.
The CSV just needs columns for both parents' info all in the same row. The data can be in any order but it would look something like this:

Student First Name, Student Last Name, Class, Parent 1 Email, Parent 1 First Name, Parent 1 Last Name, Parent 2 Email, Parent 2 First Name, Parent 2 Last Name

Two customers will be created with separate passwords both linked to their child's gallery. When each customer logs-in, a separate order for each will be created.

Registration forms

Unfortunately, there is no way to handle divorced parents when using event registration forms. Both customers will be created and two galleries will be created for the same child. The galleries will be named as follows, Brad Smith (Mary Harper), Brad Smith (Joe Smith). The first gallery belonging to Brad's mother and the second one to Brad's father.

When using the SortMagic app while shooting the event and you see such a scenario, you should select just one of the galleries and after the images have been uploaded, use the image copy feature to copy images to the second parent's gallery.

Updated on: 15/10/2020

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