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Screenshot protection and watermarking

Unfortunately, there is no way to prohibit screenshots as the browser does not have control over the user's OS and screenshots happen from the OS as a rule. Other screen-recording software can also take screenshots.

Your only true protection against image theft (and this applies to any website) is to watermark your images. Proofpix includes built-in watermarking.

You may use our default "Proof" watermark, or you may upload your own custom watermark. To do so follow these steps:
In any event, from the Manage event sidebar, click Upload > Upload new galleries
Click the Watermark settings to open the section
Click the Add watermark button
Follow the on-screen instructions
Then upload any test image to Save the settings and to preview the result

Your new watermark will now be available when uploading from any event.

The watermark won't save if you do not follow the last step

You can also disable downloading of images (via right-mouse-click) in Settings > General > Legal and security > Enable site-wide click lock

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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