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I forced packages to be purchased for each subject but the packages are being filled with images from any gallery.

Sometimes you may want to force a customer to purchase certain products or packages. You can also force a customer to purchase certain products and packages for each subject they are purchasing for (think siblings). You can do this either when setting up a pre-registration form or in the Event settings of your event. If you force a package for each subject, the packages will be named after each subject in the customer's cart, so it is easy to identify what package was purchased for whom.

So if you got that far but you're confused because even though the package was purchased for a certain subject, the customer has filled the package with images of other individuals or group images, then you've come to the right place:

The reason this happens is because you have not set up any package rules for the package. Package rules tell the system what type of images can fill the products in your package. Click the following link to learn how to set up your package rules.

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Updated on: 26/11/2020

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